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We provide a 6-step application program. This will ensure control of the annual grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds, grubs,
as well as provide the nutrients needed for that dark green turf.

  1. Early Spring Preemergent
  2. Late Spring Preemergent
  3. Summer Fertilizer
  4. Grub Control
  5. Fall Fertilizer
  6. Winterizer

* 3rd and 4th applications are done at the same time

*Broadleaf weed and nutsedge control is included in our full program

We can also provide other services such as:

Disease Control Program

Pythium Blight, Brown Patch, Summer Patch, Dollar Spot, Fairy Ring, Powdery Mildew, Smut, Rust, Snow Molds, Leaf Spot,
and Slime Mold are all fungi that can be seen and could affect the lawn. With our disease control program we identify the problem and work with you to cure and prevent future reoccurrences.

Bed Weed Control

The purpose of this application is to help eliminate weeds in your ornamental beds. A granular product is put down twice a year to create a barrier to prevent seed germination. As part of this program each time an application is done at the property a “spot spray” walkthrough will be done to eliminate any weeds that may have broken this barrier.

Lime / Sulfur

The soils pH controls the availability of nutrients to the plant. Most nutrients are available in greatest supply around a pH of 6.5. To determine the pH level a soil test is recommended. The lime is used to raise the soils pH levels. The sulfur is used to lower the soils pH levels. These applications are applied over the winter months.

Insect Control

We do offer lawn and perimeter applications for insects such as: fleas, ticks, armyworms, sod webworms, billbugs, chinch bugs,
fire ants, cutworms, ants, mites, and leafhoppers.


The aeration process will help with breaking down thatch layers that have built up in the turf to improve the turfs water
and nutrient uptake. Aerations also help loosen compacted soil. Compaction is the result of a physical process, which in return
needs a physical process to reduce its effects. Aerations also improve water infiltration, irrigation efficiency and air exchange.
The grass varieties and core sampling allow us to determine time and frequency of aerations.


If you are in need of spot seeding a few areas, over seeding to create that thicker yard, or even a total lawn renovation, give us a call. We use high quality gold tag seed with our projects to ensure the best results. We provide spring and fall seeding services.

Spring and Fall are the best times of the year to have that aeration done, to loosen up soil compaction. Aerations improve water infiltration, irrigation/fertility efficiency, and air exchange.

We offer several different options with seeding. Give us a call or request a FREE estimate online.

Soil Test

This test is an important part to finding out any deficiency in the soil. From the test we can adjust needed nutrients.