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This is done on an “as needed” basis. Weather plays a big factor on when your lawn will need its next cutting, but as a general rule your lawn will need a cutting about every 7 days in the spring. In the heat of the summer, it will stretch 7-14 days, depending on weather conditions.


Q. Can you mow my lawn just a couple of times while we are out of town?
A. Yes we can! If you live within the area that we service, please call us to make arrangements.

Q. Do you bag the grass?
A. It is not necessary unless the grass is exceptionally long. If you are on a normal mowing schedule with us, your grass will not be so tall that it will require bagging. Leaf tissue is 85% water and decomposes quickly, leaving nitrogen and other beneficial nutrients for the turf. If thatch is a concern we recommend an annual aeration.

Q. Do you cut the lawn in the same direction every time?
A. No. We do alternate the cutting direction frequently. Mowers create an up draft causing the leaf blades to rise and slightly shift to create a “stripe”. Mowing different directions gives you that nice diamond pattern throughout the lawn. It also prevents any ruts from mowing the same direction week after week.

Q. How often do you sharpen your mower blades?
A. We sharpen our blades daily. This will leave your lawn looking great!

What is included in a lawn mowing?

Our Lawn mowing includes mowing, weedeating, edging of sidewalks/driveways, and blowing off any hard surfaces.