Lawn Renovation

body_left_back_08In many instances, lawns with troubled areas where the varieties of grass are not suitable can be fixed by eliminating the existing turf and reseeding. By doing this you create a thicker, more desirable lawn with correct new varieties of grass. The renovation process usually takes 1 to 2 months starting in July/August. The time frame depends on grass varieties, weather, and a watering schedule.

img_sprinklerOver-seeding the lawn with compatible varieties of grass may also be all that is needed to create that desirable lawn. The process is shorter and can be done through the month of September. We offer several options in renovating/reseeding.

img_leaves2For best results, please consider a daily watering schedule for the first 3 weeks after seeding. An irrigation system, although can be costly, is the best way for ensuring return on this investment. If you are interested in an irrigation system and desire a few estimates, we would be happy to direct you towards some reputable companies. If not, setting up your own above ground system along with a basic timer is strongly recommended.

Moreover, leaves tend to be a big problem in smothering new grass. Continuing to keep these leaves picked up is very important either by lightly raking or bagging with a mower.